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CEU - Self Care/Survival Guide for Everybody!
CEU - Self Care/Survival Guide for Everybody!

Self Care for Everyone! Open to All Interested Parties!
6 CEUs for LMTs approved by La. Board of Massage Therapy (LAP0160 & LCEU0003078)
6 CEUs for Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance

Stress is a part of life. This course discusses the difference between daily life stressors and chronic stress, what chronic stress does to our bodies and health, and ways to prevent and cope with it. We will explore techniques to help you avoid absorbing the negative energy and stressful thoughts of others. This course is relevant for anyone who has ever been stressed out. It’s a must-have for any licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, wellness practitioner and any other human who works hard to make this world a happier, less stressful place.

When we are in balance, we function at a much higher rate of health and well being.  We will learn about any imbalances that may contribute to problems in our lives and how we can return to a state of balance. This class will include discussions, demonstrations and practices including restorative yoga, use of essential oils, breathing techniques, proper body mechanics, and more! Get ready for a day of self-care that will help enrich your life and extend your wellness career.

The workshop will be led by our studio's founder, Jerry, a state licensed (LA #0088) Massage Therapist.
She was the original administrator for the Lafayette location of Blue Cliff School and was
the instructor for many subjects. She has taught yoga since 1990 and has the designation E-RYT500.

The early bird cost is $99 by Sunday, February 13th or $115 after that date.
Registration closes Thursday, 2/17/22. No walk ins, please.
You are encouraged to bring a snack or light meal & drink, as we will not leave for our break.

Type: Event
Period: Feb 20, 2022 - Feb 20, 2022
Number of Sessions: 1
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