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Purna Yoga East
Just for Beginners 5 weeks course


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5 weeks
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Just for Beginners yoga 5-week course!, All Levels Satur" YAY" class, AM Rise and Shine, Level 1-2, Equinox/Solstice Surya Namaskar, Gentle Yoga, Heartfull Meditation, Ladies Yoga (private), Level 1 - Beginner Basics, Level 1-2 Beginner's Plus, Level 2 - Foundations, Raleigh Yoga Center Purna Yoga, Soothing Sundays, Spinal Rejuvenation on the Yoga Wall, Summer Self Lovin' Workshop, Sunday All Levels Yoga and Meditation, TGYF-Thank Goodness it's Yoga Friday, All-Levels HOLIDAY class, Yoga - All Level, All-Level Anniversary Celebration Yoga, Anniversary Heartfull Meditation, Mid-week Stretch & GO, Free Community Class, Thanksgiving Eve Restorative class, Online Morning Purna Yoga Moves, Online EVENING PURNA YOGA PRACTICE, Live Studio class LEVEL 1, Live studio class LEVEL 1-2, All-Levels SaturYAY yoga, Yoga & Essential Oils
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When you purchase your 5-weeks Just for Beginners Course pass you have unlimited access to all the currently scheduled Just for Beginner Courses, Level 1, Level 1-2 and All-level classes at Purna Yoga East.  Come to class as much as your schedule permits; meet all the instructors at the studio and get the most of your pass. The 5-week pass activates upon your first studio visit to class. Join any time.

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