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Our Aerial Flow classes link movements in the hammock with your breath and flow like a dance. The fluidity in this class allows the mind to calm, alleviating stress and tension throughout the body. This playful class is mixed levels! Hammocks are hung at hip-height to allow full extension of the spine during inversions.

*please note it may take a few classes to build the strength and coordination to move through the flows with ease, that being said this class is very accessable for all. We encourage you to come weekly to truly benefit from this powerful practice*

These classes are an opportunity for our adult community to experience the amazing benefits of moving in our aerial hammocks. Each class is different in structure but always ends with restorative poses and deep relaxation. We offer a variety of class styles and recommend trying them all out to decide whats best for you. Classes are limited to 6-8 students for a more intimate and personalized class. Aerial yoga is somewhat new to most people and we value quality and individualized attention so you have the most beneficial experience.

Special Instructions