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Starts January 23rd.
The YogaSport Yoga School (YSYS) Certification Program will give you the practical instruction, hands-on experience, and self-confidence to teach a challenging and empowering Power Vinyasa Yoga class. The YSYS is an intensive certification program from which you will emerge an inspiring and competent teacher of Power Vinyasa Yoga. Through practical instruction and hands-on experience, you will not only broaden your knowledge of the practice of yoga but you will also come away with the ability to teach a challenging and invigorating Power Vinyasa Yoga class from a place of inspiration. We invite you to seize this unparalleled opportunity to transform your life.

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2. Fill out the application here. 
200 Hour participants receive The Empowered Assisting Level One and Elevate 2020 as part of the training. There is no need to register separately.

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