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 Students perform in-depth practice and study of asana; teaching methods; anatomy and physiology; and Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics. From Pranayama/breath to Vinyasa/flow, to Yin and restorative practice, students are expertly guided to new levels of understanding from which they may safely and confidently continue their Yogic journey while imparting knowledge to others.

 Instructors with thousands of hours of education and experience deliver an enlightened perspective of practice, adjustments, and physiological response. Students are expertly guided through the process of letting go of fear, quieting the ego, and realizing their Dharma – what they are meant to bring to the mat and receptive yoginis. Those who seek to teach learn to draw those they are meant to reach, to recognize a student’s struggles or limitations, and encourage exploration of capabilities. Participants also receive direction on the often-overlooked process of nurturing themselves to create a deep reservoir of health, patience, knowledge, and care from which to draw for their students.
Whether you seek to become a professional yogi, or just to gain a deeper understanding of the practice and philosophy, Barefoot Yoga training will lead you to recognize potential, explore abilities, find a yogic voice, and teach or practice with clarity and joy.
Registration and a $200 Non Refundable deposit are required to hold your spot in our program. This DOES go toward tuition total and is due 15 business days prior to the session.

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