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This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdominal chain and back muscles, while increasing flexibility & mobility. The instructor may include a variety of equipment such as lights weights, resistance loops, and sliders in this great workout! 

Primarily a mat class. Good for an active recovery day. Slowing it way down for a nice low impact workout focusing on slow and controlled movements.

This class will be held in the hot room with the temperature set to a toasty 90-95 degrees. Come to class well hydrated! 

THIS CLASS IS GREAT FOR: All fitness levels! 

THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR: Clients with acute injuries; Because this class is heated, it may not be suitable for pregnant clients. Please speak with the instructor before attending class.

RECOMMEND BRINGING: Yoga mat and towel, and water.



Special Instructions

Please note: This is a strength training class. This is not a hot yoga class.