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The PBWF Pole Fitness Training System.
Who says you can't have it all? 
In just one class you will train in the following key areas that are essential to mastering pole:

Strength and conditioning, flexibility, pole tricks, dance choreography, confident expression

Each session is 1.5 hours and depending on your plan you can take up to 2 sessions per week.

This is a 4 Week Commitment that will require you to show up on your assigned day for 4 weeks. There will be a test out challenge at the end of each monthly series to effectively measure your progress. 

NEW LESSONS Monthly so your curriculum is always FRESH. 

The Three levels are NOVICE - INTERMEDIARY - PRO

You must have successfully tested out of the previous level to move on to the next. All Program participants also have access to our On Demand Virtual Library where new content is added monthly.  

Our organized methodology of teaching was built with your pole journey in mind.

REGISTRATION SIGNUP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SERIES AND SPACES ARE LIMITED. Due to the nature of the lessons, drop ins are not permitted. All participants must start no later than the 2nd week of the series. 
This program is subject to co-ed participation.
The BAR Novice experience can be repeated with proper credits.
No Show and Late Cancel Policy:

PBWF has a Strict 2 hour cancellation policy.

In the event you fail to cancel a class through the app or via email/text (214-390-6885) within 2 hours from the registered class start time you will AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED A No Show/No Cancellation Fee of $25 for the day to the draft information on file. If you are not a contract client, you will lose a class credit for EACH class that was no showed or late cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS!

No refunds or credits. We are not responsible for scheduling conflicts, misses classes, or non usage. All participants must sign a waiver prior to taking the course. 

Sexiness Ratings of Class
NS – Non-Sexy

Class Content Focus Rating
P – Pole
F – Fitness

Special Instructions