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Core Rides focus on a mix of short and sustained intervals in a safe environment. These are the core workouts that are the building blocks to any good cycling program.  

Ideal for:  Riders of all levels looking to improve durability, efficiency, FTP and overall speed on the bike.

Some days we are concnetration on sustained intervals geared to test your mind and body on other days we may focus on short hard intervals to test your mind and lungs! 

Ideal for anyone training for an endurance event that involves a bike.

Special Instructions

Tailwind Studio Reserve athletes do not need to sign up in advance as you will be prebooked  and are guaranteed access to your preselected group slots. 

Open Spots can be booked using our Open Ride/Single Class Unit system; weekday classes are 2 units. 

These classes are not available to our Off-Peak Studio Rider members unless they purchase Open Ride/Single Class Units.