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The best prenatal yoga in Houston, for over 10 years.

Prenatal yoga at Alcove Yoga is a series of classes each month exclusively for mothers-to-be. Students are registered to one month of classes, meeting once per week. Learn safe postures for the growing needs of mother and child throughout the pregnancy. Remove toxins, relieve aches and pains, and calm the nervous system. Classes assist in the healthy digestion and better rest. We devote a portion of each class to pranayama (breathing exercises). 

Special Instructions

Students should wear shorts or tights and a tee shirt. We practice with bare feet.

Be sure to eat something light one hour before class to avoid low blood sugar. We recommend not eating or drinking during class.

Have a space prepared in your home near a clear wall with mat, blocks, strap, blankets, bolster, and chair. Have your screen set up somewhere you can see it, and do your best to make yourself visible through the camera. We may not be able to see you while teaching, but we will do our best.