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JM Backbending (Open Level) teaches students to backbend safely, cultivating a backbending practice that utilizes strength to create supported mobility and flexibility within the spine. This class begins with abdominal strengthening exercises as well as various warm-ups (including Sun Salutations/vinyasas) to prepare the hips, shoulders, and spine for backbending. After the warmup, various backbending poses will be taught including standing bow, dancer, cobra, full cobra, bow, camel, wheel etc. Wall-walks, handstands and scorpions may also be taught during class with optional use of the wall for support. Sequencing will vary from week to week, and class will also include a range of balancing postures, hip openers, forward folds, and twists. Students will leave class feeling energized. Class will be challenging but all students are welcome to join and work to their current level of practice.