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*Must be purchased at least 15 hours prior to class.


In the natural setting of the powerful vortexual energy and natural beauty of the red rocks, we hold a (deep) self reflective sacred space for each other.  Allowing you access to what your body  and being needs in the moment.

As we become more aware,  through this class, we have the opportunity to acknowledge invite and integrate the helpful ancestoral, Master, nature and elemental energies.

As we work with the body as the mirror of the mind and emotions, Elements of Yoga, Aikido, breathwork are used to begin to peel away throughts and feelings that do not server your greater self anymore (Samskaras) and reveal the true nature of your body, spirit and being.

Experience Savasanah on the red rocks as mother earth supports your integration of your greatest, truest self.


Classes are open to all levels of experience.

Special Instructions