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This small group class for ages 4-5 gives students a head start in music in a FUN way! Unlike other programs for students this age, this program teaches a robust, comprehensive curriculum, covering topics from rhythm to note reading to instrument introduction and exposure, all through games, activities, and fun weekly homework! And with small class sizes of no more than 6 students, there is plenty of room for individual attention.


Special Instructions


Please plan to come in about 5-10 minutes early for your first class, and just stop at the front desk and let us know you're here! We will give you a tour and make sure you are comfortable here, and then we will introduce you to your instructor. 


If you currently have a credit card linked to your account, please be aware that there will be an additional $3 monthly fee for this convenience! If you would like to avoid the fee, their are two easy options:
1. Stop at the front desk or call us to set up (ACH) payments. All we need is your account and routing number. 
2. ONLINE METHOD: Go to your account and add your checking account (ACH) information instead. Then you will need to email us to remove your monthly credit card processing fee.


For Level-Up Junior, each 12-week session has a tuition of $264, plus a $25 materials fee. This can be paid in full, or in monthly installments. At the time of registration, each student must pay a $88, plus the $25 registration/materials fee as a down payment. The following two monthly payments will come on the 1st of the following two months.


It is assumed that your child will complete both levels of this program. Once a session (12-weeks) is completed, they will be automatically enrolled into the next session, and your account will be billed accordingly. If you wish to withdraw for any reason, you can do so by notifying the front desk before the next session begins. Withdrawal cannot be completed with the teacher.


You will always be notified and reminded of specific holiday closings through email and text.


Please download the Expressions free app today! This way you can enjoy being able to cancel lessons, book make-ups, recitals, and practice booster sessions, view your upcoming schedule, view teacher bios, call us, and much more.

Your email address is your login and password initially, then you can reset it however you like once inside the app. If you forgot your login or password, please just email us and we will reset it for you.


We understand that sometimes things come up that interfere with the class time. We do offer a make-up option, where your child can attend another one of our classes for a make-up. However we cannot guarantee that this make-up would be with their original instructor. 

You can cancel a class for any reason, as long as we receive a 6-hour notice to cancel. The only exception we make to this rule is illness, as we understand that a child's health is more important than coming to class. Once we receive the 6-hour notice to cancel the class, we will put a make-up pass onto the student's account, and we can reschedule the make-up for one of our other Level Up Junior classes. 

We do not offer credits/refunds for missed classes, as the spot is specifically reserved for your child. We strongly advice not to take advantage of the make-up policy, as make-ups can add up over time, and may take an extended period of time to get rescheduled


If your instructor needs to cancel a lesson, we will do our best to find a substitute instructor. If we are unable to do so, we will simply have to cancel the class and will issue a credit to your account. Either way, we will always let you know what is going on. 


We greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word! Grab a few referral postcards from the front desk and share them with your friends! For every friend who enrolls with us as a result, you get a $25 credit to your account and so does your friend! You will also be entered into our drawings for great prizes.


Finally, if you have any questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to email or call us any time or stop at the front desk.