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Yoga for Athletes will address some of the specific imbalances that often arise in the body when we engage in intense athletic activities. With the use of props we will explore various yoga poses that will help strengthen and open all areas of the body. By improving alignment and increasing range of motion the body can move and perform with greater ease, reducing the risk of injury.
Yoga for Athletes will pump your muscles through repetition and challenging poses!  Suitable for ALL LEVELS, this class consists of a series of poses that are considered to be very athletic and strength building.  Your breath leads your practice and links to the movement, rapidly flowing from one pose to the next, with each inhale & exhale.  Expect a cardio workout plus strength gains without lifting a single weight!

Who is it for?:  ALL LEVELS!! Great for the already athletic looking to challenge their body in a new way! Modifications and helpful tips are offered to allow ANY BODY to experience all the poses.