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Our Salsa III - Intermediate Series is designed to build upon your skills. Things get a little trickier here! You’ll learn how to dance TO the music. More advanced combinations will come into play. And individual shines will be added. Be prepared to dance both with and without your partner. Most students will take this level for a minimum of 3X before moving on to the next level. Requirments incude solid cross body lead, right turn, basic steps. This is where the fun really starts! In our Salsa Intermediate classes we will cover:

  • More advanced musicality
  • L/R 1 1/2 inside and outside
  • Open breaks
  • Check turns
  • Flairs
  • Multiple spin drills
  • More advanced footwork and styling.
  • How to lead and follow the Copa, Titanic, Left Side Walk By, Cuddle and other more advanced partnering moves.
  • And much MORE!

Special Instructions