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Four segments, times and days below
DATES: Weekend of March 13-14-15
Friday night, 7-10pm - session 1
Saturday morning 10:45am-1:45 - session 2
Saturday afternoon 4:45-7:15pm - session 3
Sunday afternoon 1:30-4:30pm - session 4

Session 1 – Perspective
You will learn the principles upon which this practice is based and who you will need to be to implement them in your life. This is a place of honor, responsibility and Service over self. This is a place which respects both science and spirituality, free of religious dogma and rich in experiences you will remember. You may come to see the context in which your life has been lived, or perhaps know where and how you are meant to Walk Your Walk from this time forward.

Session 2 – The Sacred Space
You will learn to generate and work within The Sacred Space where all healing and connection, communication and relationship reside. From this place you will, with even a small amount of ongoing practice, be able to positively impact every relationship in your life with everyone you encounter. Friendships, family and work relationships – all positively impacted from this session alone.

Session 3 – The Chakra system
You’ll learn about the chakra system, its history in various cultures throughout the world, how to discern imbalances and restore balance to the chakras, and how to discern depletions and replenish the chakras. It’s very much about WHO TO BE, not what to do.

Session 4 - Learning to Be the Healer you are
Everyone who has a heart and mind to do so CAN do this. You WILL learn to how do the work of discernment, clearing and healing that which is to be removed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually, AND demonstrate to yourself and others that you ARE able to do so.

What is available in this course is the power to change your life, and insodoing, to change the world. Are you ready to serve your friends, family, and the world? If now is your time, you are invited to step into this part of the rest of your life.

Tuition - $250 – includes all course materials, 60+-page notebook, and ongoing followup with you as you require.


PayPal, credit card, check or cash accepted. PayPal to or direct payment to

RSVP to Brian Kurtz 512-922-6043 BY Wednesday March 11, 2020, at 3pm.

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