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Yoga Essentials for Beginners at Peace through Yoga with Amanda McIntosh, RYT 200, is our four-week introductory program for those who are new to yoga.

Our program establishes the foundation for a lifelong yoga practice with emphasis on breathwork, physical alignment, strength and flexibility. We will allow for plenty of time and assistance each week, and will use props as needed to make each yoga pose work for your body.
Tuesdays in Speedway, 7:30-8:45 pm
Pre-registration is required due to limited enrollment. No walk-ins, please.
We have mats and yoga props you are welcome to use at no additional charge.
Week 1: We will begin by laying the foundation with an introduction to yoga history and philosophy and breathing techniques. Our focus will be on standing and balancing poses.

Week 2: This class introduces the concept of muscular engagement. We will learn seated and hip opening poses, as well as a new breathing technique. Class includes a review of standing and balancing poses.

Week 3: Our focus will be on physical alignment for a safe practice of yoga poses. We will learn twisting poses and backbends and a new breathing technique, as well as review the previous week's seated and hip-opening poses.
Week 4: This week we put it all together! Our class will be a complete Beginning Yoga for All Bodies class so you can experience a "real" studio class under Janine's watchful eye. Additionally, we will discuss the resources available to you to expand your practice.

Special Instructions