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While most Gyrotonic exercise relies on the pulley tower or other specialized equipment, we also make use of the Gyrokinesis stool (or a chair) to prepare the body for Gyrotonic movement and strengthen specific muscle groups (especially the glutes and abdominals) to facilitate work on the tower. Our Gyrotonic Chair classes use the so-called "homework series" as well as the chair- and floor-based prep work to give you a full body workout that will both stretch and strengthen you head-to-toe. 

Special Instructions

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email the day before your class containing information about joining the class via ZOOM including a meeting ID and password. When it is time for your class allow yourself extra time to log in and ensure your camera and audio are working properly. We recommend at minimum a yoga/pilates mat. Additional props that would be helpful to have are: 5 lb. hand weights, foam roller, magic circle, theraband, and a ball. You can find links to purchase those items here