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Join "BE BOLD" 300 Hour Training Participant Aneta Laundis for a FREE program called "The Superpower of Now!"
The Superpower of Now: Making a difference one breath at a time.

We are all made of energy that naturally likes to move and transform. Our breath holds the key to that energy and is often restricted and held within the body, which can create a build up of tension. Focusing on mindful breathing helps us reconnect with a deeper sense of calm. Breath is a doorway to the present moment, the only moment that’s available to us right now! Your breath is your superpower! In this workshop you will learn how to use your breath to navigate through each moment and you will discover new possibilities that lay in the present moment.
You will experience a more vibrant life and appreciation for the rich experience available to you.
Please bring props such as pillows or blocks.

Special Instructions