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Dive into a world of relaxation! Set to the mood of candlelight and calming music, this class will allow you to release, re-balance, and restore your mind, body and spirit. Most postures will be done on the floor, using many props to ensure ultimate comfort and eliminate unnecessary straining. Yin postures are held for a longer period of time to allow your body to dig past the muscles and release the tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia that are not easily reached in a yang (heat building) practice. These postures become very meditative, as you must learn to control the sometimes strong sensations of moving energy and the rhythm of your breath.Restorative postures are also held for a longer period of time; however, your body is not digging as deep, and is simply allowing your muscles to open through passive stretching. This class will interweave both styles of yoga, while giving you the opportunity to release from the stress of your daily life and find a calming breathing practice.

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