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Ages 9 and up, kids and adult, white wristband required. Oleg Vorslov. Daniel Ilabaca. Sebastien Foucan. Damien Walters. Tim Shieff. Just about anyone who comes up in a search for "Parkour" on YouTube. What do they have in common, apart from a total lack of fear and thousands of hits?The ability to do all kinds of mind-blowing flips, of course.So maybe you want to learn how to do that, too, but you don't want to risk breaking your precious bones in the process. Come to Urban Evolution's Friday Evening Tricking Classes and learn from the best!Our instructors will teach you how to move like the pros do, in a safe and controlled environment. You'll start out gradually and move at your own pace, but you'll see progress in no time! $20 drop-in, or free with Parkour Monthly! Prerequisite: White Wristband (Completion of Intro to Parkour class). Come see for yourself, and learn how to do things you never thought you could!  

Special Instructions