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All the ooey gooey goodness of Yin in a serene candlelit setting. Ambient music, soulful stretches, meaningful messages. Don't miss it! Students wishing to improve flexibilty and range of motion will find this class invaluable. Yin is wonderful for stress relief and for healing injury or stiffness that comes with age, trauma or athletic pursuit. Yin Yoga, SMY's most popular format, is a unique style intended to open tight areas of the body through long held poses. This class is dangerously relaxing and sweetly intense. A marriage of asana and meditation that focuses on tight areas like the hips, hamstrings and shoulders with static and occasionally dynamic stretching, informed sequencing and long holds. This is a meditative, blissful hour that is easily addictive. Muscles will often feel a little sore the day after since real changes are taking place. Range of motion can be significantly improved through the practice of Yin Yoga. Tight areas not only lengthen with consistent practice but muscles actually become stronger, have more endurance and even process oxygen/carbon dioxide more efficiently. Pranayama and meditation techniques are explored in this class as well as a healthy dose of yoga theory and philosophy.

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