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A powerful class that cultivates heat and intention (tapas). Stretch, strengthen, get in a little moderate to vigorous cardio while having a blast.  This class is a playful and creative exploration of  strength and expression through movement.

Eclectic flow is taught by Mandy Ryle who loves to tell stories in her classes. Not stories you listen to, but stories you experience! Discover challenging poses by taking a journey on the mat. Learn as you go in a lighthearted and accountable way. Mandy draws from all the movement Yogas; Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini etc... but also martial arts, fitness, primal Vinyasa, and more. You can be assured that whatever she is working on in her practice, you will be working on as well. Flows are creative, unconventional and really fun. Safety, alignment and adherence to the breath are vital in Eclectic Flow. 

Special Instructions

This class is held in our Surya Small Group classroom. Enrollment is limited. Please register if you plan to attend. If you must cancel your registration please do so as early as possible to make room for another student.