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Class 06 - Straight Armlock - Mount [GU-9]; Guillotine Defense [GU-32]


Straight Armlock - MountThe goal in the fight is to achieve the mount because from there we can exhaust and eventually submit our opponent with ease. When you mount an opponent, it is very common for him to reach for your chest or throat during their escape attempt creating the perfect opportunity for the Straight Armlock. The Straight Armlock is a great submission option since it can be applied from so many positions, and since it employs so much leverage it can be used to incapacitate even the largest opponent. In this lesson, you will learn how to apply it from the mount position. We will start from the final control position.


Guillotine Defense - When you establish the clinch, your opponent will get desperate and attempt to grab anything that will make them feel more secure. The Guillotine choke is one of the most common techniques used by unskilled individuals because it is simple and it gives them a feeling of control during the chaos. Although proper clinch positioning should prevent the Guillotine Choke, your opponent may surprise you if your head is too low. In this lesson, you learn need a reliable escape technique.

Special Instructions