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Class 18 - Punch Block Series (Stage 5) - Guard [GU-27]; Haymaker Punch Defense [GU-30]

Punch Block Series (Stage 5) - From Stage 4 it is important that you drop your opponent back to Stage 1 as quickly as possible so that you are safest from punches and have the best control over their body. If, while in Stage 4, your opponent is not leaning forward heavily enough to be dropped to Stage 1, it is best to kick them away to Stage 5. In this lesson you will learn how to defend from Stage 5 as well as what to do if the opponent tries to throw your legs aside for a knockout punch.

Haymaker Punch Defense - In many cases, the precise movement and aim of your opponent’s strikes are hard to predict. Sometimes, however, your opponent is so eager to attack you that their punch is totally predictable. The “Haymaker” punch is used when a determined attacker comes at you from a distance with the objective of putting all of their body weight behind one killer punch. Because of the haymaker punch’s power and predictability, the best option is to slip underneath it and get behind your opponent. 

Special Instructions