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No effort required, nor any yoga/ meditation experience. This practice is spontaneous and easeful. 

Fridays with Asha is Pay What You Can  $5-$15. . All proceeds go to the GBY furry friends fund.

Yoga meaning "to yoke, to unite to spirit" and Nidra meaning "sleep."

The class may begin with gentle movement  to orient and ground the body. We will then land into   Rrelaxed pose of choice and get super cozy. Nidra involves a bit of guided relaxation, moving awareness around the physical body (like a mental massage), some effortless focus on the breath as well as guided imagery and quiet relaxation. 

You might be awake for all of it, or drift off halfway through! Half an hour of Yoga Nidra has been found to be the equivalent of an hour worth of deep sleep. It's intended to guide You into a hypnoyogic state of being, not quite awake yet not quite asleep. As in any meditation, remove the expectations to arrive anywhere for best experience.

Call it nap time. Call it savasana. Call it exactly what You need. 
It is all of these things.




Special Instructions