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Whenever an active private lesson student cancels a lesson with 24-hour notice, they are eligible to book a make-up lesson (like this) of their choice! Students may check how many make-up lessons they are eligible to book by going to "My Profile" > "Purchases". The amount of Make-Up Lesson Passes available under the "Purchases" tab is the amount of make-up lessons the student is eligible to book! Remember that Make-Up Lesson Passes never expire, and students are welcome to choose a make-up lesson with any available instructor or instrument, even if it's not the student's regular instructor or instrument! Have fun. :)

Special Instructions

If you are not a regular guitar or ukulele student, please be aware that we may not have an extra guitar or ukulele for you to use during this lesson. The instructor will most certainly show you their instrument, play it for you, and let you try it, but use of the instrument itself will be limited. You do not need to bring anything.

If you are a guitar or ukulele student but this is not your regular instructor, please bring your ukulele and all of your lesson materials as usual! The instructor will work with you on your regular assignments.