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Get the necessary cardio and impact we all need for our joints and bones in the most gentle and effective way; jump board! As we age we loose cartilage.  Impact is necessary to send the signal to our brain to continue to build that necessary cartilage.  In 30 minutes we will warm, maintain a higher heart rate that will create fat burn for hours/days to come and of course then stretch. The perfect lunch hour (30min) workout!  This class is great paired with Reformer before or after.  Jump board is also a great option for those with osteoporosis, spinal issues and so much more because your are supported by the carriage, you may also use very light resistance.  If necessary as light as 10pounds compared to your own body weight.  

Special Instructions


Remember your Toe Socks.

Be on Time.

Silence your phone.

No children allowed inside the Reformer room, unless registered for the class.