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Taking our popular Vinyasa flow and slowing things down.  Still the lovely synchronicity of movement with breath that helps to generate warmth into our bodies, but slowed down to savour and explore the benefits of each posture.  These classes are gently energising, while building strength and flexibility.  Suitable to all levels with variations and modifications offered throughout the class to support those newer to this style.  

There’s no denying that modern life is hectic. From the time the alarm sounds in the morning to the time our head hits the pillow, we race from one thing to
another. Filling the moments in between with more stress-creating activities, like answering emails, checking social media, or texting, we rarely give our mind or body an opportunity to slow down.
When you are under pressure, it is even more important to take time out to relax and restore. Your body and mind NEED time to rest. And the beauty is that a short period of rest makes a huge difference; gifting you increased clarity, energy, and productivity to do all the things you need to do. DO LESS. ACHIEVE MORE. Yoga is the antidote to modern life; a much-needed
opportunity to pause, breathe, unwind. The slow, flowing classes will gently lengthen and strengthen your body, release physical and mental tension, and help you reconnect with your innate wisdom. Variations are offered and use of props is encouraged, making this class ideal if you are new to yoga or looking to savour and explore the benefits of each posture. You will leave class feeling a greater sense of calm, clarity and ease.

Some yoga experience is ideal but students that are comfortable and confident to self-adjust their own practice would be able to attend this class.

Special Instructions