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 A Slower Moving Class is a great antidote to a fast-paced modern life, who finds it hard to stop completely.

This class is about taking time to move and breathe.  Moving slower increases muscle strength and tone as you activate more of the smaller muscle groups when you pay more attention. You gain better control of your balance and build stamina from the slightly longer holds. You breathe more efficiently. By improving your respiration you increase oxygen intake giving you more energy and vitality. Moving slower allows time to self adjust to better protect from injury.    
Suitable for all levels of experience. Variations and modifications are offered throughout the class to support those newer to this style.
If life is hectic and you are under pressure, it is important to bring back the balance in life by slowing down. Your body and mind rejuvenate from short but frequent periods of rest. Gifting you with increased clarity, energy, and productivity to do all the things you need to do.


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