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The primary piece of equipment for GYROTONIC® is a Cobra tower that consists of two pieces: a seven-foot-tall, gracefully-carved wooden tower with two sets of pulleys and weights, and a padded bench with two rotating handles.

The rotating handles allow you to perform a series of arches and curls which smoothly guide your spine through flexion and extension while simultaneously opening the chest and shoulders. Weights on the pulleys provide resistance and support the movements of your legs, arms, or hands in the pulley's straps. The overall movement is smooth and fluid, which improves strength and stability while being kind to your joints.

We limit semi-private sessions to three students to ensure a safe and effective workout. Students work in unison through a sequence of appropriately leveled choreography, while the certified instructor guides each student through safe and proper form. All of these semi-private sessions will cover the GYROTONIC® syllabus with an emphasis on form, transitions and rhythm. All semi-private sessions are 55 minutes in duration.

We are one of the few studios in Los Angeles that is equipped to host GYROTONIC® classes. Three Cobra Elite Tower units allow us to teach in an intimate setting without the high cost of private sessions.

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