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This Saturday version of Metabolic Adaptations is FREE for all participants. You do not have to have a Pillar Class to register. 

Metabolic Adaptation is a 60-minute class designed specifically to develop the 3-pillar system of cardiorespiratory fitness. Aerobic Capacity (long and slow), Anaerobic Threshold (fast and long), and Anaerobic Power (fast and short) are all trained in a focused and fun class setting that includes all forms of cardio as well as low-level strength exercises to accompany. 

If you have any aches/pains/injuries, please touch base with the instructor prior to the class time so that adjustments can be made for you. You can expect full participation of mobility work as well as getting your heart and lungs fit for the highest function. 

Special Instructions

This class is only for clients 16 years and older.