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Learn the fundamentals of art and drawing through the techniques of the Old Masters. Learn to draw realistically and create a masterful drawing - even if you've never drawn before. You'll learn how to shade, create volume with the illusion of space, discover foreshortening, negative and positive shapes, and much more.
This workshop is the beginning of you seeing like an artist.

Special Instructions
Prior to arrival,
1. Please fill out the following survey - Foundation Drawing Workshop Survey. This will help us give you the best possible experience. 
2. Gather your materials

Here's what you will need to bring:

- (2) 4b pencils
- (1) Sketchpad (white drawing paper, (not newsprint), 9x12"-18x24' - your choice)
- (1) ArtGum Eraser
- (1) Pencil Sharpener with cap
- A positive attitude and willingness to learn!


Thank you!