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NO NEED TO BE PHYSICALLY FLEXIBLE OR PRIOR YOGA KNOWLEDGE HERE... THATS WHAT THIS CLASS WILL HELP YOU WITH.  This class is a mix of styles and is specifically structured to feel, strengthen and heal the body.  It is a bare foot class that will use foam rollers, balls and other compression techniques that help open the body.  These techniques are designed to teach & help the practitioner self release myo-fascia tissue and trigger points. Think of pain like dull & mild to even unrelenting body aches and pains. The class uses props, strengthening stretches and stillness that are generally floor based & considered healthy FOR ANY BODY TYPE AND ANY physical CONDITION.  The props we use are tennis balls, blocks and foam rollers and even personal assists to provide you pressure in your body that will help open and heal you in new ways. This class is designed for EVERYbody. No matter your condition, age or excuse. This class is set up to help heal old injuries & prevent new ones.  It’s will help open tight and/or aching muscles and give you a whole new way to feel in your body. Using also yin based yoga poses that target connective tissue, such as ligaments and fascia.  The intention is to clear the energetic systems of the body, bringing a natural sense of balance and increasing your natural range of motion.  THIS CLASS WILL LEAVE YOU FEELING RESTORED AND READY FOR WHATEVER YOU DO IN LIFE.  


Non-heated room. This is a great for anyone weather an athlete wanting to recovering from an injury or workouts or an individual that simply hurts and is tight.

Special Instructions