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Buti Yoga at it's finest. This unique workout blends, Dynamic Asanas, Deep Core Work. Cardio Bursts, Pylometric, Hip Hop and Tribal Dance and a dope playlist that gets you out of your head and in to your body. This type of Bliss gets you feeling Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! 
FOR a fun sweaty work out, with great vibes this is it!
Release the Serotonin- The Bliss is REAL

Suitable for all levels, shapes and sizes.

Modifications encouraged 

Unlike most yoga teachers, Nina is quite different. Coming from an Osteopathic Manual Therapy background, Anatomy & helping people feeel good in their body’s is one of her life long passions. Now nina is bringing it all together on the mat and assisting you to work at a deeper than ever, core level with a rich understanding tht goes beyond muslces. You will begin to tap into the organs their attahcments and other systems in the body. Get ready to move your body in ways that will not only fire up your core but also help you rewire long forgotten synapses in the brain.

All ages and all levels, both physical and yogi are welcomed to this class.

Nina Joy Rizzo- OMT, LMT, IET, Registered Adv. Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy® & Buti ® Deep

Special Instructions