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Strong. Sweat-drenched. Calorie torching. Work to your edge, riding to the rhythm with beat-bumping playlists, science-based choreography. Tru Cycle's unique method with precise alignment details enhance the quality and results of each ride. A high-energy full-body workout and mind-releasing experience on a bike. Get ready to be motivated!

Special Instructions

Welcome to Tru Cycle where we let the beat of the music push us through a calorie blasting, cardiovascular strength and endurance workout.

We understand that things can come up and you may have to cancel your pre booked class. Please try to cancel with as much notice as possible ( 4 Hours would be nice) as we often have a wait list for these classes and would hate for a bike to sit empty during one of these awesome classes. 

Chronic no shows or late cancels will be charged a no show fee of $10 for the class. 

Thank you for your understanding.