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Balance and Fall Prevention
Oct 30, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021
This module explores the yoga therapy principles behind balance and fall prevention for mobile (moderately functional) older adults.
Included in the 10 live online hours and 8 pre-recorded hours:
– An overview of balance and fall prevention facts and statistics
– Yoga therapy tools for balance and fall prevention
– How to integrate Feldenkrais principles of balance and falling into your yoga therapy practice.
– How to get up and what to do when someone falls
– Emotional aspects of balance and falling
– Research on fall prevention and fall recovery
– How to design a class based on fall prevention and balance
Faculty :
Jules Payne
Elena Henwood
Paul Mross
Oct 30, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021
Sat, Sun
9:00 - 2:00pm