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Falling Practice – In Person
Feb 21, 2022 - Mar 7, 2022

Learn to bring yourself down before gravity takes you down!

In Canada, 85% of injury-related hospitalizations are due to falls, yet many people are not interested in learning how to fall safely until after they’ve fallen badly.

Using the Feldenkrais Method<span class="" style="font-size: xx-small;">TM</span>, students will learn a strategy for bringing themselves down to the floor in an organized way, as well as how to protect their arms and head.


Week 1: Bring yourself down to the ground in an organized way with The Spiral Lesson

Week 2: Learn Rolling from the Back into Side-sitting & combine with The Spiral Lesson

Week 3: Practice spiraling & rolling and learn Rolling onto the back with Arm Slap

<span class="">Registration details:</span>

* Price: $79.99
* Hours of instruction: 3 hours
* Dates & time: 12:15 pm1:15 pm. Mondays. February 21st, 28th, & March 7th
* Venue: Ajna Yoga Studio, Oak Bay, BC
* Maximum number of students is 10
Feb 21, 2022 - Mar 7, 2022
12:15 - 1:15pm