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5-Week Family Yoga and Mindfulness Series
Sep 25, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022

Join Angelina for 5-Weeks of family bonding and fun! Family Yoga & Mindfulness includes yoga poses, sequences, mindfulness activities, songs, and games for families to do together. Classes also will include some form of quiet relaxation. No yoga experience required for either adult or child(ren).

One adult per family unit must be present, up to two adults are welcome on weekly basis, and the same adult need not be present every time.

Price is for up to 3 attendees; use the Family Pass in the on-line store. If you have additional family members, please purchase a second pass.

Pre-registration required for full series or single session drop-ins (as space allows).

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Sep 25, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022
3:30 - 4:15pm
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