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Gongtopia Sound Journey
Feb 24, 2023 - Feb 24, 2023

Gongtopia The Gong Session: hosted by Michael Bettine.

The Gong Meditation is so much more than just gongs. It’s gongs,
singing bowls, bells and other percussion instruments, combined into a
pulsating soundscape that is designed to help you slow down and invite
stillness within. There’s no hurry, no destination—only the breath and
being in the moment. The vibrations can help with stress, fatigue,
depression, anger and blocked energy. This is personal self-care.

Michael Bettine - Bio
Since 2002, he has worked under the name, GONGTOPIA,
presenting Meditation Sessions & Sound Workshops, using gongs,
singing bowls & bells.
He has written various books on percussion, including his new book,
'The Way of the Gong - Explorations and Observations in Sound'. He
has also released over 40 recordings under his name. His long running
blogs, The Way of the Gong, Art As A Spiritual Practice,
and, Percussion Deconstruction, have been embraced by both the
meditation/sound therapy, and percussion communities.
Michael is also devoted to music education. Besides teaching privately,
he has presented workshops on gongs at the prestigious Percussive
Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in 2005 & 2012; at the
1st Gong Summit in 2019 and the online Gong Summits in 2020 & 21,
at Gong Camp in 2021 & 22, and at ‘Focus on sound therapy’ in Italy in
2021 & 22.
“Bettine’s work is the sonic equivalent of action painting. Using mallets
as brushes and the Gongs as a canvas, he creates vast washes of
vibration and punctuates them with stabs and slashes of crescendo.
He’s a combination of abstraction and visceral physicality.” - MONA
FOMA Music Festival

“Thank you so much for facilitating that amazing workshop on Friday
evening for our Sound School students. Everyone thought you were
wonderful and that they gained a lot of insight from the information you
~ Angel Light LLC, March 2022
“I really appreciate how you teach. If you had been one of my
professors at music school, I would have stayed there.” ~ Master Class
Participant 2021
“I am checking in to say thank you. I learned more from your videos
than I did from the person I trained with.ˇ~ Comment on GONGTOPIA
YouTube videos, January 2022

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Feb 24, 2023
5:00pm - 6:30pm CDT
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