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Guitar Camp (ages 10-12 and 13-17)
Jun 26, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023

Guitarists and bassists will learn from Coast Music’s incredible staff and some special guests as well! They’ll have 5 days to focus on a variety of things that are essential for developing players. Activities include:

  • Fretboard games
  • Group patterned exercises
  • Melodic and rhythmic reading
  • Ear training
  • Chord playing and chart reading
  • Tone development
  • Learning about amps and pedals
  • Pick technique
  • Practical guitar crafts
  • Short outdoor excursions

Guitarists will be divided into small practice groups according to their age, level and experience. Family and friends will be invited to attend a short in-house performance at 5:30pm on Friday, July 30th

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Jun 26, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
1:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
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5 Sessions
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