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Girl Scout Troop 13280 - Beginner Yoga
Dec 8, 2019 - Dec 8, 2019

Private class for Girl Scout Troop 13280...troop leader Jennifer Brown.

Location: Collierville Yoga, 80 North Main Street, Ste 201, Collierville Square. We are located between First Fruit Collection and Highlander Scottish Pub.

Plan to arrive at 5pm, everyone should wear comfortable, athletic clothing such as yoga pants and top. Sweatpants and tshirt if not too baggie will be fine too.

If you have a yoga mat bring it along, if worries, we do have some mats in the studio that you are welcome to use. We will have lots of fun, learn about the benefits of yoga, begin with a short meditation, go through a flow and try some fun and really cool poses.

Parents, please complete the registration and sign the waiver.

Any questions, please email us at

Namaste, Sheila and Heidi - Collierville Yoga


Dec 8, 2019
5:15 - 6:30pm