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Hoopy New Year 4 Week Challenge Virtual
Jan 12, 2021 - Feb 4, 2021
Get ready to start 2021 with the right spin. Time to take off some of those holiday lbs with a fun, full body workout that's bound to bring a smile to your face, a glisten to your body and a challenge to all your muscles. (Read about purchase options below)
The Bodyhoop Workout is a revolutionary fitness concept (yes, we get the pun), designed to slim the waist, strengthen the muscles of the lower back and abdomen and tone the muscles in the stomach, glutes, hips and thighs. Using a weighted hula hoop (don't have one, no worries, we have new ones in stock or we'll even rent you one for the challenge) this workout combines aerobics, stretching, pilates, yoga and hooping into one powerful calorie burning workout.
Don't worry if you have never hooped. First it will come with time and second the workout contains a lot more than waist hooping. Take the challenge and book at least one or two classes a week for the next 4 weeks and I promise you'll be hooping like a pro by February AND that you'll feel some muscles that you haven't for a long time.
8 hooping sessions - $80 or $10 per class
4 hooping sessions - $48 or $12 per class
Jan 12, 2021 - Feb 4, 2021
Tue, Thu
6:00 - 6:45pm