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Prenatal Workshop Class Series
Oct 8, 2019 - Oct 29, 2019
Pregnant mothers in all trimesters are invited to join this class designed to promote health and well-being to expectant mothers and their growing wombs.
Gentle flow and stretching during pregnancy can help mothers combat some of the physical and emotional stresses of nurturing herself and her baby. Studies have shown that prenatal yoga can have positive effects on a mother's quality of sleep, reduce stress and anxiety.
In this class we will explore breathing techniques, modified Asanas using blankets and cushions for added support and comfort, and relaxation techniques useful during labor and delivery. Mothers will be shown how to properly modify poses when taking a regular yoga class at the studio. Come meet other expectant mothers through shared experiences- or bring a friend!
Sign up for all four classes in the series- $45 per month, pay for all four classes up front (come to as many as you can).
Or Drop in rate for $18 Class Pass.
Oct 8, 2019 - Oct 29, 2019
7:30 - 8:30pm