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Sunday Triathlon Swim - Improvement Winter 2019
Jan 6, 2019 - May 19, 2019
This course is for people who can swim without fear, but know they have room for improvement. People in this class can swim 300m with their face in the water, and are looking to improve their speed, technique, and endurance. Swimmers have the goal of completing sprint or Olympic distance triathlons in 2019 and can expect workouts ranging between 1200m to 2000m in 45 minutes.
Swimmers need fins (short blade), ankle strap, front facing snorkel, and pull buoy.

No Sessions: Jan 20th (Rods Meet), Feb 10th (EJ Training Event), March 10th, 17th, 31st, April 21st.

Jan 6, 2019 - May 19, 2019
8:45 - 9:30am