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Last of 2018 Indoor Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquabike/Aquathon
Dec 30, 2018 - Dec 30, 2018
This is the registration into the Endurance Journey Sunday Dec 30th 2018 Training Event at the Regina Fieldhouse Lawson.
This is a self timed event. We provide the location and distances and you complete the distance as fast as you can!
You can report your total finish time to the results team at the finish line. Grab a friend or two, come out and challenge yourself before your New Years Celebrations!
You have the option to compete in the following training event distances:
Try a Tri - 350m swim/10km bike (or bike 20 minutes with no distance computer) /3km run
Sprint - 750m swim/20km bike (or bike 40 minutes with no distance computer)/5km run
Try a Duathlon 1km run/10km bike/2km run
Sprint Duathlon 2km run/20km bike/3km run
Aquabike try a tri 350 swim/10km bike
Aquabike sprint 750 swim/20km bike
Aquathon sprint 750 swim/5km run
Aquathon try a tri 350 swim/3km run
*All Swimming is in the middle tank at the Lawson so you can stand up if you need to!
You will be sent an email after registration with a link to choose your event and the details you need to know.
Event Check In Opens at 6:40am and Starts at 7:10am. Schedule is subject to change, we will notify you 24 hours prior to the event of any schedule changes.
Snacks will be provided when you finish!
Gear you will need.
Swim suit, goggles, cap, towel, bike, towel, indoor trainer, bike shoes (if you have them), running shoes, water bottle, bike/run shorts and top, socks.
Dec 30, 2018
7:00 - 9:00am