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Bachata Lev 1.5 (4 wks , 90 min) Couples ONLY
Jun 23, 2021 - Jul 14, 2021
If you want to expedite your way to level 2 or maybe you took Bachata sometime ago and want to fast track to level 2 or maybe you finished level 1 and not quite ready for level 2 and want an easier transition, THIS IS YOUR CLASS! This Bachata class will review all of level 1 (6hrs) in the span of one 90 min class to confirm your fundamentals plus some extra variations to make it better. If you can't keep up after this 1st class, we will refer you to retake lev 1 again. After the 1st class we will be working on new fundamentals that are easy to grasp and slowly add styling for the ladies and pattern work for the men. You won't be bored and this is a perfect class to progress you through to level 2 status!!


Masks will be recommended but not mandatory. No swapping of partners. You must register in advance at least 24 hrs before the start date. If wanting to register the same day, please call ahead to confirm if it's ok. text or call 780-906-7939

A forehead thermometer check will also be mandatory before class. (if you have a temperature of 38 degrees or higher, you will be asked to skip the class, unless you have proof otherwise from AHS that you are currently negative). All students will either wash hands before and after class.



Duration: Check your dates and times above
4 weeks (90 min /class)
COUPLES ONLY: $150+tax
note: registration ahead of time only
Jun 23, 2021 - Jul 14, 2021
7:30 - 9:00pm