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Dec 5, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
Your aerial acrobatic journey begins here! Discover your love for all things aerial! Learn the very basics and foundations of aerial silks and lyra! This mini's class is a great place to start, with no experience necessary, students will be guided through foundational skills, poses, and techniques to help them thrive in future classes!
Mini Aerial is for children ages 6-9. **Please Note** Doors will be locked until 10 minutes prior to class start time.

<em>Appropriate Attire:</em>
- Form Fitting Athletic Wear that Covers the Backs of the Knees and Torso
- Please; No Jewelry / Zippers / Buttons / Clasps
- Hair Styled Back / Out of Face [IF APPLICABLE]
- Barefoot Class
- Water Bottle
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Sep 25, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
The Forum
4:30pm - 5:20pm MDT
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