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Depth of Healing Workshop - Zen Shiatsu Therapy
Oct 12, 2019 - Oct 12, 2019

Date&Time: 12th October 2019, 11:00 - 15:30 (including 30 minutes break)
Place: Hatha Yoga Space, 62 Railway Pde, Kogarah, NSW 2217
$49 - Early Bird ends on the 1st October
$69 - regular

Master Jack Marshall will take you through the deep healing art of Zen Shiatsu therapy.
During this day of powerful practise:
You are guided through a Zen Shiatsu treatment
You experience a full Zen Shiatsu treatment
You learn the depth of touch and the power of hara consciousness
You feel the flow of ki through the meridians of your body, its relief and invigoration
All your health questions are answered.

Master Jack began training in Zen Shiatsu and the ‘Way of Healing’ in the 1980’s under the guidance of his first teacher, Master Andrzej Gospodarczyk.
He continued to study the old Masters of Japanese medicine - Shizuto Masunaga, Herman Aihara, Michio Kushi and Masahiro Oki and others - and established many courses, clinics and classes in Eastern therapies, training many teachers and practitioners from around the world.
Master Jack developed the school ‘Ki Yoga’ and has now refined his whole programme of Eastern practices into ‘Ki Meridian Therapy’.
Enjoy the direction and the difference!

The places are limited!

Oct 12, 2019
11:00 - 3:30pm