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Kriya Yoga Meditation Virtual
Apr 17, 2021 - Apr 17, 2021

Three price options: $45, $35 and $55 (See price options below.)

Have you tried to meditate and find that it is an exercise in thinking? Meditation is a practice beyond mind and thought, yet we benefit from mind-quieting and mind-concentrating techniques, including pranayama (breathing exercises), in order to take us to a place beyond the field of mind. There are dozens of techniques that do so and after 22 years of practice - I confidently speak for Kriya Yoga as an effective set of techniques for unwinding and calming the mind towards meditation.

It is normal to have many thoughts when we sit for meditation. We should never try to stop the flow of thoughts, rather, the practice of meditation is just that: a practice, or a type of training for the mind. Just as we must train to play a sport or learn to drive a car -- so also, we must train the mind to rest and relax. And if we train consistently -- the mind grows quiet for longer and longer moments at a time. This is the juiciness and replenishing joy of meditation.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The practical, health and nervous system benefits of meditation
  • How to rethink and redefine your mind
  • The base techniques of Kriya Yoga Meditation
  • The foundations of practicing successful meditation as a lifestyle routine

Price options
• Regular price: $45
• Equity price: $35
• Supporting price: $55
7.875% New Mexico gross receipts tax and 2.9% non-refundable tranaction fee added at check-out.

Apr 17, 2021
2:00 - 4:00pm