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Curvier Yoga
Jan 27, 2018 - Jan 27, 2018

Have you wanted to try yoga but have concerns and roadblocks about your size or current body?

Curvier Yoga is for everybody! It is an introductory Yoga practice and approach for all body shapes and sizes. This workshop will use the principles of Yoga as a new and enlightening approach centered on self-acceptance, self-awareness and understanding that the movements you make on your Yoga Mat are guided by your own personal abilities.

Learn how you can respect your current body with all of its amazing capabilities. Regardless of body shape or size you can enjoy the practice of yoga and benefit from all the positive changes this can bring to your body, mind and spirit. Learn to appreciate where you are in the present moment.

This is class will be the space to explore what yoga can bring to your life. In this workshop, we will introduce common yoga poses and how to adjust and offer modifications for each pose to create a personal practice, free from judgment and negative thinking. We will explore the benefits of props and how to use them for your current needs. We will work to open new lines of communication within you. We will practice how to reframe old thought patterns and exercise self-care and self-awareness. Curvier yoga offers a non-judgmental, gentle environment to foster understanding and respect for your personal journey. THIS workshop is designed for anyone that has ever said, I can't do yoga or I don't have a yoga body¬Ě. Yoga is within you! Discover your inner Yogi with Toni Morales

Toni offers a unique experience to her students formed from the success and failures within her own personal battles with Binge eating disorder and bulimia. Yoga gave Toni a space to understand that most of the limits were not within her body but within her heart and her mind. After 6 years of desiring to become a Yoga teacher, she finally let go of her fears and limiting beliefs about what she could offer the Yoga community and committed to her 200-hr RYT certification. A Tri-Balance graduate, she has discovered through her own journey that the nature of yoga is to shine light within the darkest spaces inside ourselves.


Jan 27, 2018
1:30 - 3:00pm