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Prenatal Yoga Course | Mar - Apr
Mar 30, 2023 - Apr 27, 2023

Pregnancy Yoga at the lake studio

You may join a course part-way through contact me to ask how

Safe from 14+weeks, these classes teach us how to create trust in our own bodies. Prenatal yoga has helped many of us deal with the inevitable fears of the unknown, to lower adrenaline levels & to encourage the release of the special hormone that birth's babies. Every week we practice yoga both for our bodies & mindset; think of it as all round training for a healthy labour & birth.

You are encouraged to move instinctively as your weight & shape changes, after all you are pregnant, not ill! Yoga teaches us to listen to our energy levels & we discover how relaxing is a skill that is not inherent but with practice can assist us both with birthing & being a mum in the long-term.

We talk in class about the pelvis, sacrum & pelvic floor, so if you’re unsure about these areas, they become common place as we move & breathe in yoga poses. We can alter the class to manage pelvic girdle pain, so that you can maintain strength, balance & mobility all the way through pregnancy & to encourage postnatal recovery.

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Mar 30, 2023 - Apr 27, 2023
6:45pm - 7:45pm BST
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